Welcome! Please enter the codes you received via email and with the shipment to continue to activate and fund your Denarium coins. The shipment code is located in User Manual.

The email code is same for all orders made by the same email address. Feel free to ask if you need further assistance or have lost your email activation code.
Waiting for your input. Please examine the coins you received and pick status for each coin. If everything is fine, just click all good and then submit. If you have anything to report, please also fill in the feedback field.
Activation complete. We will process your feedback and contact you if needed. To add funds to your E-series coin, please consult the manual. All series L coins which are marked as good will be funded {{ original.fund_after === null ? "within 48 hours" : "on "+original.fund_after }}. Thank you for your order! You can now close this page.
No order found with these codes.